Efficient Work From Home Table and Chair Furniture, Gadgets & Accessories

What are the essential work from home accessories, gadgets, or furniture, and everything else that you must have while working from home? While you were working in an office before the pandemic, chances are that you walked out one day out of your office in March hoping to return after the lockdown gets over and come back in a couple of weeks or, at the very worst, a couple of months.

But now after nearly nine months, working remotely seems the need of the hour until there is a sure shot vaccine or may even have to work longer from home. Even given the fact that the employees are raring to go to start regular office however, many companies are publicly announcing the work from home to stay longer due to inherent advantages for the companies.

It is time to ponder over converting our comfortable homes into more productive and efficient professional workspaces. 

Even though many of us have now adjusted while working from home or for some it still poses certain challenges. Work from home (WFH) culture was exciting in the beginning, it slowly is becoming an uncomfortable routine, as each one of us is missing the wherewithal available in the office.

In spite of the challenges posed by the Work from Home culture, we have extensively researched and curated the list below after taking feedback from a lot of co-workers for efficient and professional productivity while working from home.

Let’s check out all essential gadgets, furniture, and accessories that are required to ensure better productivity, workflow, and comfort to alleviate your WFH experience.

The selected products are not specific only to the pandemic period but all these gadgets, furniture products, and accessories can even be used for your normal usage.

Do not forget to check out the list of bonus items at the end of the article, that can make you more productive and efficient. Let us check out.

Work From Home Table And Chair Furniture

The most important pre-requisite for Work from Home is your own furniture. Sitting on any chair can cause unwanted pain in your neck, back, and shoulders. In a similar manner, a table is a very useful home furniture that you require while working from home.

We have listed some of the best, comfortable as well as affordable table and chair furniture to provide the best comfort and productive experience for work from home.

Work From Home Laptop Table with Chair

For work from setup, you require a practical approach for a table with a chair. If you have been long thinking over buying a table with a chair for your study, you can either select and go for a combo or buy the combination separately as per your choice.

Work From Home Furniture

For a work from home table and chair furniture, you require a table where you can keep your laptop and all other utilities like a table lamp, writing pad, water bottle, mouse, etc. Plus you require a table that does not occupy much space and can be folded and stowed away when not in use.

The multipurpose study table must also look stylish and suave and should give an elegant look to your drawing room or workspace without being an out of place furniture.

Laptop Stand for Table

Otherwise, if you have an existing table & lack space but still require a portable laptop table option, these laptop options are worth considering.

These tabletop laptop tables are available in the market that are strong, elegant, adjustable, and portable. Their legs can be folded and the table can be conveniently used as a standing workstation or a couch desk or breakfast-in-bed tray.

Such a table ensures that all laptop models can be mounted on it with a separate place for a mouse pad. Some of the models do have laptop cooling vents underneath so you need to buy a laptop cooling pad separately.

Height Adjustable Table

This kind of height-adjustable table is important for limited and tight spaces. It suits people of different ages from schoolchildren to working professionals. This is safe and steady to use the table that can be easily moved and used along with a bed or a sofa set.

This table has adequate space for keeping a laptop or a cup of coffee or stationery articles. Working professionals and students can make the most of it by using it as a laptop table, snack table, or as a reading desk around the bed or couch.

Standing Desk for Work From Home

A standing desk is a perfect work from home ready platform that allows you to work from the comfort of your homes. This standing desk is suitable for working while standing or sitting.

standing desk for work from home

These standing desks help you to be productive and let you take care of your health. These not only make regulated blood flow in your body but also avoids unnecessary back and shoulder pain.

These desks can be easily moved to another location with the help of caster wheels. It’s a perfect choice for a Work from home professionals.

Ergonomic Chair for Lower Back Pain

The chairs are very critical for productive work from home experience. Ergonomic Chairs not only make you comfortable but also help you in preventing lower back pain, pain to the neck and shoulders.

A good posture is very important to avoid uncomfortable lower back pain that may happen due to long sitting hours and working in a wrong posture. This issue later develops into more serious complications. You can either have a seat cushion or good ergonomic chair relief from back pain.

A good ergonomic chair helps you prevent this issue. If you need to select the best ergonomic chair for lower back pain, you can read our article here.

Work From Home Accessories

LED Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is an invaluable requirement for your WFH ecosystem. The LED desk lamp should be able to provide adequate lighting but should also be stylish, compact, and portable.

The ecommerce stores have a lot of LED lamp options available that have an inbuilt time, date, temperature, alarm and snooze display that gives a modern look to your home.

Mouse Pad/Desk Mat for Work from Home

Normal tables do not have generally have adequate padding sufficient for the home office. An excellent option is an anti-skid, anti-slip smart mouse pad/desk mat for use at your work station at the home. It is tough built and allows professional as well as gamers to have a solid anti-skid mat for their desks.

You can use this desk mat for keeping and accommodating your laptop / Macbook, keyboard, mouse, notebook, coffee cup, and stationery. The desk mats provide a comfortable resting surface ideal for typing, writing, sketching, or gaming and is friendly for mechanical and optical mouse movement.

These desk mats are easy to clean and sanitize. The splash-proof and durable material of the desk mat makes an ideal desk companion.

Adjustable Portable Laptop Stand

Many of the us are working on laptops. After long hours of working the laptops seem to be overheated and at times, it is comfortable to work on the laptop due to its positioning.

The remedy to this is a portable adjustable laptop stand that allows you to keep the laptop on a sturdy firm base. This not only provides you a lot of adjustability options but also prevents pain to your hands and forearms.

You can also buy an external keyboard and mouse combo, so you can keep the laptop at a distance away to prevent unnecessary damage to your eyes.

Adjustable Mobile Holder

Whether you are on a Zoom call or chatting with your friends, a mobile holder is a very handy accessory. It can easily accomodate your mobile, iPad or a tablet.

Attachable Ergonomic Table Arm Rest Support 

The attachable table armrest is a simple ergonomic extension if you have a regular desk. This extension is made of ABS and plastic and is very durable.

This arm rest is such a blessing for people who work for long hours in front of a computer. It is big and comfortable enough that supports your forearm comfortably. The cushion on top provides such a relief for long hours of a desk job.

This armrest has a very sturdy built that can withstand a lot of pressure. The ergonomic extension is suitable for people who are suffering from shoulder or arm pain issues.

Work From Home Gadgets

Wi-Fi Router for a Reliable Wi-Fi Connection

Having a reliable WiFi connection at home should be on top of the list. This is the reason a Wi-Fi router is first on this list to make your WFH experience more productive and hassle-free. A mobile hotspot also gets the work done but reliability and data package need to be considered. The mobile hotspot can act as a backup to the Internet source but not a primary one though.

best wifi router for home

We, therefore, recommend a dedicated broadband connection for accessing the internet while working for long hours. A robust internet connection ensures productivity and has better coverage in various areas of your home.

The router should have adequate coverage to envelope the complete home to ensure mobility within your home. We recommend you some of the best wifi routers for home in India.

Some of the budget options:

WiFi Range Extender

A WiFi range extender is an important gadget when your router is not able to cover a certain area of your home or there are too many people using the same WiFi. A good WiFi range extender helps to cover the dark spots and prevents unneccesary disconnections while on any call.

Our Recommendation : TP-Link AV600 300Mbps Powerline Wi-Fi Extender

Computer or Laptop for Business and Personal Use

This may not be as per everyone’s liking as you may already be having a personal laptop or a computer. If the performance is sluggish, do not think twice to change it as it directly hampers your performance as well as your productivity.  Consider that you are going to spend a lot of time in front of your screen this year, and maybe next year as well, and maybe even the year after that, so it is better rot buy a new laptop.

With the fast changing technology, you do not need to shell a lot of money for buying a state of the art high performance computer or laptop, just buy a solid performance laptop or computer that suits your needs for computing, programming, editing or even blogging. 

Our recommendation: Asus VivoBook S14

Printer : Best All in One Printer for Home Use

A printer is again an optional gadget but everyone requires it. Since now you are at home, you may need a printer to print an urgent official document or may require it for printing your child’s schoolwork or an assignment. The investment in a multifunctional printer comes very handy whether you need to print, scan, copy, or even fax.

We recommend you to go for ink tank printers as it avoids the hassle of drying up of the ink as is in the Inkjet printers. It is good that you invest in an all in one affordable printer. 

The printer should ideally be a small one that does not occupy much of the space and has high-end features like two-sided printing and an automatic document feeder for multi-page scanning.

Our Recommendation: Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer

Storage Device / External Hard Drive

This is one of the forgettable gadgets but one of the most important one as you do not want to lose any data on which you have worked so hard. You do not know when the blue screen of death comes up. While the file is already saved on the your laptop or computer, it is a good idea to make a copy of it on your external HDD.

At times, you tend to delete a file by mistake and do not know what to do. It is always better to keep a copy for safekeeping on your HDD for future requirements. Besides, safety, you can carry the HDD even in your pocket when required. Alternatively, you can store the data on the cloud or a high-performance memory card for portability.

Seagate’s BarraCuda Fast SSD is one of the most reliable SSD. It uses solid-state memory that allows fast read and write speeds and you can easily carry it in your bag. It is compatible with older USB ports and supports USB Type C for fast transfer speeds of up to 540MB per second.

Our Recommendation: Seagate BarraCuda Fast SSD 500 GB

Ergonomic Keyboard

For long working hours, an ergonomic keyboard is an essential requirement. The keyboard should have elevated wrist support to keep your hands and arms in the proper typing position. The keys should be well-positioned with less travel distance, which means less strain on your hands and wrists. You may like to opt for a wireless keyboard so you can carry it and move it easily.

The ability to switch between devices using Bluetooth connectivity makes it a go-to keyboard as you can switch between your laptop, iPad, or mobile quickly.

Our Recommendation : Logitech MK850 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Multi-Port Wall Charger

A multi-port wall charger is a good investment as it helps you to charge all your gadgets, accessories, and peripherals. At the same time, it makes you stay live during long conversation calls while working. It is a good gadget to possess for charging your laptop, phone, Bluetooth earphones, and all other peripherals.

Anker 6-Port USB Wall Charger

A Multi-Port Adapter

This is another good accessory that may require as some of the laptops have very few USB ports and you require multiple USB ports for connecting all your devices and peripherals, then investing in a multi-port adapter is a good choice as it helps reduce connectivity hassles. Look for a multi-port adapter that has a USB 3.0 port and other in-built connectivity options.

Kapa USB C Type HUB 6 in 1 Adapter
Kapa USB C Type HUB 6 in 1 Adapter

A Mic

Maximum working professionals as well as the executives are interacting with their team members through Zoom meetings or any other conference call software. All of us wish to sound clear while interacting while not breaking the bank. So our recommendation is the Fifine Condenser USB Microphone that is a nifty gadget and helps you achieve clear conversation.

A Webcam

A webcam is an optional secondary requirement in case your lapotp has an inbuilt camera. You may consider to upgrade your existing camera only in case your require better resolution and clarity during the conference calls. 

Logitech C270 HD Webcam
Logitech C270 HD Webcam

A Laptop Cooling Pad

A laptop cooling pad is designed to efficiently regulate heat through optimum airflow and should also double up as a stand. This versatile tool helps you to dissipate excess heat while you are working for long hours especially during long conference calls, virtual team meetings, or while multitasking. The cooling pad available in the market are height adjustable and the LED lights in the cooling pads give an awesome look.

High-Quality Computer Speakers

The first thing that comes to your mind is “Who buys a computer speaker nowadays?” Yes, this is partially true and I am writing this with my personal experience that once you own a high-quality computer speaker, you’ll not go back to earphones or headphones for your conference calls. Firstly, they give you a hands-free experience for a webcam with a mic setup. Secondly, if you are bored of working, you can switch to your favourite latest songs that pump you with energy.

The recommendation is Logitech Z623 THX 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer that gives you the best 2.1 speaker system with a subwoofer with an additional port for headphone connectivity or if you require to connect a separate Bluetooth audio receiver.  

Bonus Section

Adjustable Multi-Position Relax Recliner Chair

Needless to say, you require yourself a break after a long and tiring session of work. You certainly require a break after long grueling extensive sessions. The invaluable recliner provides you much needed break and provides you comfort.

The chair can be folded and stored in a corner for later usage. The soft cushion bed of the recliner features a headrest. The fabric is soft and washable. Now relax after a long days work or just lie down to read a book or watch your favourite movie.

Workout or Meditation Session

The best way to kick start a day is meditation or doing workout cardio or an aerobic session. It becomes more important to take care of your health now as you are restricted to your home and no alternative available outside.

Gyms do provide a regular routine workout but the pandemic has caused a lot of working professionals to workout at home. What better reason to buy the treadmill that you have been longing for.

MAXPRO PTM405 Folding Treadmill
MAXPRO PTM405 Folding Treadmill

Final Thoughts

It was wonderful collating all the essential requirements while working from home. We have our self observed and taken feedback from lot of our colleagues to finalize this list of work from home essential furniture, gadgets and accessories.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section. If you feel some of the essentials are missing that should have been included in this article, do let us know your thoughts in the comments section. We will be happy to include the essential item in this article.

So, feel like a boss and Work from Home confidently.

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