Godrej RD 1905 190L Single Door Refrigerator

Which is the best Godrej Refrigerator under 15000?

Godrej RD 1905 190L Single Door Refrigerator is a 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool with Base Drawer (Model No RD 1905 PTDI 53 JW BL) is a feature-rich and one of the best Godrej Refrigerator under 15000 for a small family, bachelors or a small office.

Godrej is manufacturing refrigerators in India since 1958. It has a countrywide sales network and easy availability for the Indian consumer.

Godrej is a common household home appliance in the Indian appliance market and is known for its durability, functionality, features, and after-sales customer support.

Godrej Appliances has the customer trust build over the last so many years, primarily looking after the needs of the consumer and being budget-friendly.

Godrej has been innovating with the best in class and pocket-friendly refrigerators suitable for Indian needs.

Features and Specifications

Godrej Refrigerator 1905 PTDI 53 JW BL 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator comes with the Inverter compressor.

This series is advertised by Godrej as India’s most energy-efficient refrigerators.

Let’s check it out !

Inverter Compressor

This refrigerator is equipped with an Inverter compressor that consumes less electricity.

In the Inverter Compressor technology refrigerators, the compressor always keeps running but draws more or lesser energy depending on the inside or outside temperature, the refrigerator load and the adjusted temperature settings on the thermostat.

Here, the speed and power of the compressor are changed to either minimum or maximum, to give the optimum efficiency based on the load and it helps in savings up to 40% of energy consumption compared to a regular refrigerator.

These inverter compressors significantly reduce energy consumption and make the appliance quiet.

Direct Cool Technology

The cooling in this refrigerator takes place by circulation of cool air naturally which makes it economical.

This fridge maintains a consistent temperature which keeps the food fresher for longer.

The down side is, that you experience collection of ice frost inside and around the freezer box.

You need to defrost it manually.

Godrej RD 1905 190L Single Door Refrigerator

Built-In Air vents

Godrej refrigerators comprise of 2 shelves with built-in air vents which ensure all round cooling.

This helps in air circulation inside the refrigerator as well as ensures the cooling of all essential vegetables, fruit, and food articles to keep them fresh for consumption.

Energy Rating

It is 2020 BEE 5-star rated refrigerator for Energy savings and affects your monthly electricity bill significantly.

Toughened Glass Tray

Toughened glass trays are sleek & elegant.

These can be used easily to keep your larger pots & pans, utensils, fruits, and vegetables, without worrying about breaking the tray.

With this 190 liters refrigerator, you can store all that you want, from fruits and vegetables to milk and juices, conveniently.

Retains Freshness Upto 6 hours

The refrigerator can retain freshness up to 6 hours during a power outage.

It can keep the vegetables, fruits and other food articles fresh and crispy without worry during such power cuts.

Stabilizer Free operable

The refrigerator can operate between 110V ~ 310V without the need of a stabilizer.

However, it is recommended that you use the voltage stabilizer in case you have lot of fluctuations in your locality or area.

Otherwise, you need not worry about minor voltage fluctuations as it easily monitors and adjusts the voltage based on increase or decrease in the voltage levels.

Base Drawer

Godrej has optimally used the space available at its lower portion and it provides a vegetable base drawer.

You can use the vegetable base drawer to store and keep your vegetables, that do not require cooling.


Godrej RD 1905 190L Single Door Refrigerator is a budget friendly option for small homes.

This is absolutely suitable for a home with 2-3 members ie for a small family and a best option for bachelors with tight budget or small office.


1 year on product and 10 years on compressor

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  • Upto 40% less electricity consumption 
  • Less Noise
  • Ideal for a small family, bachelors or small office
  • Adequate Space
  • Economical – Budget Friendly
  • Vegetable base Drawer
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Good Customer Service and Support
  • Godrej Trust – Renowned Brand


  • Manual defrost
  • Not suitable for a large family
  • No back cover for wires and tubing
  • The design needs more improvement

Final Word

Godrej RD 1905 190L Single Door Refrigerator is a budget-friendly option for a small family, bachelors, or small offices.

This refrigerator offers great savings, super silent operation, and has the modern Inverter Compressor technology.

It uses direct cool technology and is more efficient and effective, and retains the freshness up to 6 hours during a power cut.

This refrigerator comes with 2 shelves of toughened glass material tray where you can keep heavy utensils, pots, and pans.

Special features of these refrigerators are sufficient space, base stand with drawer in which you can store items like potato and onion that don’t need cooling.

This refrigerator does not need any stabilizer and can operate between 110 V to 310 V.

Godrej 190L Single Door Refrigerator is a budget-friendly refrigerator and a good choice for a small family up to 2 to 3 members, couples/bachelors, or for small offices.

Godrej is a trusted brand, has a countrywide service & support network.

Just go for it!

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