Rexing Dash Cam V1, V1P, V1P Pro Review

rexing dash cam review

Dashcams have become invaluable in your vehicle these days. They are the guardian angels, as they are the eyewitnesses in the event of an accident when no one else is around and help the police nab the criminals. With insurance rates going through the roof these days, everyone needs to protect themselves with proof in … Read more

Best Convection Blower Heater: Fan Room Heater

Best Convection Blower Fan Room Heater review

Room heater use during winter is an essential necessity. The convection blower heater or a fan room heater is an inexpensive and absolutely safe room heater for your home with small children around. These room heaters provide complete room coverage and are a perfect companion for winters as they are small, compact, and portable. These … Read more

Best Air Purifier in India for Home, Office and Car use

Best Air Purifier in India for home office use

The indoor air pollutants are a fact of life which makes the air purifier an essential requirement for your personal health. The increase in air pollution in New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Noida, and other cities in India bear testimony to this fact. World Health Organization (WHO) studies show that indoor air is often 10-30 times … Read more