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COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives completely. It has forced a lot of school-going children to attend school from home and use the available furniture at home for studying. This becomes a bit uncomfortable for the kids and you look for a good study table for kids/students while studying at home.

The online classes have inadvertently made the students sit through the study sessions and classes while at home. The kids are sitting in front of their laptops, computers, tablets, or mobiles for 2-3 hours while in their living room or even on the bed.

Besides the online classes, they have to finish their homework or attend some extra activity and what you look for keeping your laptop, tablets or mobile is a sturdy table for kids. This not only gives them a firm base for keeping their laptop, tabs, notebooks, or stationary but also helps them to keep their back straight.

Keeping the back straight helps them to prevent any pain to their shoulder, back, neck, and prevents damage to their eyesight while maintaining a correct posture. In this article, we will suggest and help you find a good study table for kids at home and all these are readily available at Amazon at an affordable price.

Options for Study Table for Kids, Students & Children | Foldable Laptop Table

Kodanda Bedside Adjustable Study Table

This bedside adjustable study table is a convenient table for kids who have limited space to study or for working professionals who are working from home. The table is elegantly designed with legs that can tuck underneath the bed.

The tabletop is a solid 1″ Sunmica laminated top that is sturdy and easy to clean. The dimensions of the table are 23.6L x 15.8W x 26-36H inch height adjustable and weigh around 7 Kgs.

The table height is easily adjustable with a height from 26-36 inches via the given knob. This is a good choice for a large range of people. Wheels caster are provided to move the table anywhere in the house.

It is a safe and steady table to use. With a lot of height options, this multifunction table can be used for a home office with a perfect size for a laptop and a cup of coffee. The table can be easily used for a variety of functions ie as a snack table, a reading desk around the bed, or as a couch.

This multifunction desk is pretty useful for students and working professionals alike as the table has enough working space for keeping the right size of laptops and has enough working space.

The simple desk can be used by students for a variety of purposes like making models, playing puzzles and games, doing arts and crafts, music and study, etc. Other uses of this flexible table can be for having snacks around the sofa or over the bed.

Portronics Adjustable Laptop Study Table

Our first pick of study table for kids is the Portronic Adjustable Laptop Table.

This table is very stylish with a smooth surface. The looks and the design of this adjustable table make it more attractive. It is very sturdy and portable. You can fold the legs of this table and can keep it anywhere and can carry it anywhere.

The USP of this multipurpose table is an inbuilt cooling fan on this table which protects your laptop from heating up while you are working on your laptop.This fan does not make any noise and doesn’t disturb you when your working. The speed of the fan is 1800RPM.

There are a lot of adjustment options in this study table. You can adjust the height of the table as per your requirement and comfort. You can change the angle of the top of the table also. You can adjust the angle from 0 to 30 degrees with the help of a soft notch given on one side of the table.

The angular adjustment makes your child more comfortable and relaxed when you or your child work for long hours.

The top of this table has soft silicon rubber material which protects the laptop and mouse from skidding and it gives comfort to your hand and wrist.

Overall this adjustable table is stylish, lightweight, durable, portable and a very sturdy table.

MemeHo® Smart Multi-Purpose Study Table/Laptop Bed Table

Our first pick of study table for kids is MemeHo Smart multipurpose study table. This study table is a bestseller and well known for its durability and sturdy structure. The alluring finish of the table is pleasing to the eyes.

The table size of this table is 60cm x 40cm x 27cm (L x W x H). Any laptop of up to 17 inches can easily fit on this study table. The top of this study table is made up of high-quality wood and the legs are of metal tubes with powder coating which makes it corrosion-free.

There is an inbuilt cup holder in this study table so your child can keep himself or herself hydrated while studying. You or your child can keep a coffee mug or glass tumbler in this holder while studying or and it will not spill.

This table has antiskid legs that allow you to keep anything on its top and the table does not skid. This study table does not require any instructions for assembly. It has a foldable frame. You just need to open the legs of this study table and use it.

You can keep your laptop on it and can attend online classes, can do your homework, can use it as a dining table for young kids, keep and play games on it, can read books, and can do much more.

You can keep it anywhere like on the bed, sofa, couch and can keep it on the floor while you are doing some art and craft. It is suitable for everyone i.e small kids to senior citizens.

Small kids of 3 years can also easily use it and when not in use you can easily fold it and keep it anywhere you like. This is a multi-purpose study table. The table can be used in the office, bedroom, living room or even you can take it to the picnics also. A sturdy and useful multipurpose study table.

Artikel Multi-Purpose Laptop Study Table

Artikel multi-purpose laptop study table for kids is designed in such a pretty manner that you can keep your essentials on one table while you can study, watch movies, or do the homework or some office work for adults.

The dimensions of the table are 60x40x 28 cm. The material used to make this table is medium density fibreboard or MDF.

This multipurpose table has a multi-purpose dock where you can keep your iPad, laptop, tablet, or your phone. This table has a cup holder to keep your water tumbler or small cold drink bottle.

It can bear a medium-heavy load. The legs are foldable, anti-slip, and powder-coated aluminum is used to make it free from rust. The table is provided sturdiness by the high-density ABS plastic at the dock and the hinges. This feature makes it compatible with all laptops, iPad, tablets, and phones.

The table has a very smart handle which makes it very portable. You just fold the legs of the table and carry it with the handle. The table is lightweight weighing only 2.78 Kg. You can easily stow it anywhere – behind the door or corner of the room.

If kids spill something or put a scratch while doing some art and craft then don’t worry as the whole surface of this table is covered with high-pressure lamination which is spill and scratch proof. The edges of the table are very smooth which keeps your child safe from any scratch.

This table is very easy to use as no assembly is required. You just take it out of the box and open the legs and keep it on the bed, sofa, couch, or even on the floor and it is ready to use.

The multi-purpose table is useful in all manners like you can eat, work, drink, study, or watch a movie and can carry it anywhere by just folding its legs and carry it with handle.

This pocket-friendly and multi-purpose table is a must for your comfort and for maintaining an ergonomic posture.

Fabulo Adjustable Study Bed Multipurpose Table with Drawer

Sitting for long hours in front of a laptop for online classes or for office work causes pain to your neck and shoulders. The dimensions of this table are 63cm x 31cm x 26cm which makes it a comfortable companion for the bed, or the floor, or any other place.

This multipurpose table is very sturdy as the material used is wood and has a walnut finish which makes it look very stylish, classy, and elegant. The table also features an in-built drawer to keep small items in it like the pen drive, pen, pencil, or any stationary items of your or your child’s use.

The Fabulo wooden adjustable multi-purpose table provides convenience as it prevents awkward position while sitting. This adjustable table takes care of your neck and shoulder when you or your child is studying or working for long hours on the laptop.

This table features an angular adjustment of the top of the table. The manufacturers have skillfully manufactured this table as it provides you customization options as per comfort. Spending time on a laptop or finishing homework for your child was never so easy without any pain by just doing the angular adjusting as per own comfort.

This table is lightweight and you can keep it anywhere by just folding its legs. You can keep it under the bed or behind the door. This feature makes it portable and handy for using it anywhere.

You can carry it anywhere you like. You can use it as a breakfast table, evening snacks table, for reading, playing games, attend online classes for children by keeping an iPad, laptop, or tablet on it or keep your laptop for office work.

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