5 Best Refrigerator under 20000 in India, Best 5 Star Single Door 190 Ltr Refrigerator

If you are confused about the top and best refrigerator under 20000 in India, this review is undoubtedly the list of the best refrigerator in India under 20000.

This list of the best refrigerator/fridge under 20000 is selected with a minimum 190 Ltrs single door configuration with 5 Star rated fridges only. An exception to 5-star rating has been done only in case there is no other alternative.

Single door refrigerators are entry-level refrigerators that make a great choice for a small family or for bachelors. These single door fridges are not only pocket-friendly but they are a great option for small houses that have space constraints.

Nowadays, refrigerator companies and manufacturers have become smart by incorporating cutting-edge and user-friendly technology in this must-have home appliance.

In spite of the single door configuration, these refrigerators provide adequate capacity for storing your food, fruits, and vegetables and using the freezer for ice and frozen food for all your requirements.

Let’s get started.

Best 5 Star Refrigerator Single Door – Best Refrigerator under 20000


Samsung 5 Star Refrigerator Single Door 198 Ltrs (RR21T2H2 WCU/HL)Special Features

  • Direct Cool Technology
  • Digital Inverter Energy Efficient Compressor
  • 6 Ltr Extra Space
  • Modern Horizontal Curve Door Design
  • Base Stand Drawer
  • Runs on Home Inverter and Solar Energy
  • Safe Clean Back
  • Base Stand with Drawer
  • Different colours available
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Godrej Edge Refrigerator 190 Ltrs (R D EPro 205)Special Features

  • Direct Cool Technology
  • Energy-efficient Compressor
  • Stay Cool Technology
  • Jumbo Vegetable Tray
  • Large Chillar Tray
  • 2.25 Litre Bottle Storage Space
  • Aroma Lock Feature
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LG Refrigerator Single Door (GL-D201ARGY)Special Features

  • Smart Connect
  • Smart Inverter compressor
  • Moist ‘n’ Fresh Feature
  • Fastest Ice making
  • Spacious Chiller Tray
  • Anti Bacterial Basket
  • Base Stand with Drawer
  • Different colours available
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Whirlpool Refrigerator Single Door (WDE 205 ROY)Special Features

  • IntelliSense Inverter Technology
  • Advanced Insulated Capillary Technology
  • Separate Pedestal Drawer
  • Extra Spacious Bottle Storage
  • Quick Chill Zone
  • Large Vegetable Crisper
  • Honey Comb Lock-In Technology
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Godrej Refrigerator Single Door 190 Ltrs (RD 1905) Special Features

  • Inverter Compressor
  • Direct Cool Technology
  • Noiseless Smooth refrigerator
  • Additional Base Drawer
  • Toughened Glass Tray
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1. Samsung 5 Star Refrigerator Single Door Refrigerator Review

Samsung is a world-renowned brand and has a wide variety of refrigerators. They are known for cutting edge technology and has durable refrigerators.

Samsung 5 Star Refrigerator is a 198 Ltr capacity 2020 BEE rated 5 Star Refrigerator with Inverter Direct-Cool technology.

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator comes with a stylish design and comes with a large space.

Key Features and Specifications

Digital Inverter Technology

This Samsung Single Door Refrigerator model has a Digital Inverter Technology that automatically adjusts the compressor speed in response to cooling demand across 7 levels.

With its Digital Inverter Technology, this Samsung Inverter Refrigerator uses less energy, minimizes noise, and reduces wear and tear for longer-lasting performance.

Digital Inverter Compressor

This Samsung 5 Star Refrigerator guarantees the durability of its energy-efficient Digital Inverter Compressor for a trouble-free, longer-lasting refrigerator. This digital inverter compressor not only saves power but ensures to make as little noise as possible.

The power consumption of this model is approximately 110 units per year, which translates to a cost of Rs 550 (at Rs 5 per unit) in electricity bills for a full year.

Read our review on the Best 190L Single Door Refrigerator here.

Direct Cool Technology

With its direct cool refrigerator, it uses natural convection for cooling. It has the option to defrost manually by pressing the defrost button inside the refrigerator.

The frost-free feature is not available.

Stabilizer Free Operation

A separate voltage stabilizer is not needed for this model as it has stabilizer free operation. It means that this Samsung 5 star refrigerator can work without an external stabilizer and it can handle voltage fluctuations in the voltage range of 100V to 300V.

If the fluctuation increases too much, it automatically cuts the power and prevents your refrigerator from unforeseen damages.

The voltage fluctuation can otherwise damage your refrigerator and can cause heavy damage to your pocket.

6 Ltr Extra Space

Samsung refrigerator Single Door 5 star provides more storage space, where you can easily keep your bigger utensils, and other pots and pans. This extra 6 Ltr more internal capacity definitely gives you better value for money.

15 Days Freshness

Samsung Single Door Refrigerator keeps the vegetable and fruits fresh and crispy even after 15 days of keeping inside the fridge. The direct cool feature in this model maintains the first-day freshness, even after keeping inside for 15 days.

Deep Door Guard

This model has a deep door guard where you can store big containers of milk and juice in the door, along with two rows of beverage cans and bottles. You can easily keep tall drink bottles for chilling.

Horizontal Curve Door Design

Out of the new Samsung refrigerator models, this model comes with a stylish design. It is a refreshing new crown door design with an H-Bar chrome handle.

The crown design of this refrigerator makes your kitchen more stylish and unique. It has a softly curved, round-top shape and clean lines, featuring a single door with a new horizontal handle.

Vege Box

This Samsung 5 star refrigerator provides a large capacity Vege box, which provides a convenient space to store all of your fresh vegetables and fruits. You can easily organize your vegetables and fruits because of its large size and can easily find everything in one place.

Toughened Glass Shelves

It has toughened glass shelves that are designed and tested to hold a weight of up to 150 Kgs safely. You can keep large vegetables or dishes prepared in heavy pots and pans.

Base Stand Drawer

This Samsung single door refrigerator has a larger base stand drawer available in its lower part.

The base stand drawer provides extra space to store the vegetables that do not require refrigeration. It provides you convenient space to store items that do not need cooling like onion and potatoes.

Runs on Home Inverter and Solar Energy

This Samsung Inverter Refrigerator model can run on your home inverter.

The food remains fresh during power cuts due to this feature. You can keep it running 24 by 7 even during power cuts, and avail the feature of running it on Solar energy without any hassle.


Samsung refrigerator India provides a 1-year warranty on the product and a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

Safe Clean Back

This Samsung single door refrigerator model has a smooth and safe back cover for its internal cables, condenser tubes, and other vital components.

It also makes the back easy to clean the appliance. The cover prevents dust accumulation on the rear which improves the overall performance of the refrigerator.

Samsung refrigerators are a household name in the Indian appliance market. This Samsung refrigerator single door 5 star model brings complete peace of mind for all your refrigeration storage needs for a small family.

With a plethora of features, this Samsung single door refrigerator model is one of the best single door refrigerator in India under Rs 20000.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Durable
  • Less Noise
  • 6 Ltrs Extra Space 
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Best 5 star refrigerator
  • Value for money


  • Manual Defrost

2. Godrej 190L 5 Star Single Door Refrigerator Review

Godrej is one of the oldest household names in the Indian appliance Industry. They have been manufacturing refrigerators in India since 1958.

Godrej Appliances has been thoughtfully innovating with best in class refrigerators.

Godrej Edge Pro refrigerator series come with the Inverter compressors which are advertised as India’s most energy-efficient refrigerator range and the Godrej model No R D EPro 205 TAI 5.2 BRZ WIN inherits the same prodigy.

According to Godrej appliances, this Godrej Refrigerator Single door boasts of the largest vegetable tray in its segment which gives you the extra storage space and is available in two colours.

The stay-cool technology of the Godrej Edge Refrigerator gives you 24-hour cooling retention even during power cuts resulting in max savings, max storage, and max cooling retention.

Read our review on the Best 190L Single Door Refrigerator here.

Key Features and Specifications

Direct Cool Technology

This Godrej Edge Refrigerator uses direct cool technology that uses natural convection for cooling.

So the flip side is that you need to defrost the refrigerator manually. The good part is that it makes your appliance power efficient, consumes less electricity, and saves you money.

Inverter Compressor

Because of its Inverter compressor, the compressor reduces the working capacity as soon as the max cooling is achieved and saves 25-30% of your electricity consumption and reduces your electricity bill.

This Godrej single door refrigerator has Inverter compressors that has less moving parts and friction between them, so it needs much less maintenance and thus less prone to failure and increases the compressor’s life span.

These refrigerators are quieter and more durable than the traditional ones.

Runs on Home Inverter

Now you need not worry about the power cuts. This refrigerator can run on your home inverter.

You can keep your refrigerator running 24×7 even during power cuts which saves your food from spoiling.

Stay Cool Technology

The stay-cool technology of this Godrej Refrigerator single door lets you have peace of mind as it’s 24-hour cooling retention keeps the inside of your refrigerator cool even during power cuts.

This is a cool feature which saves your food at least for 24 hours without any power supply.

Jumbo Vegetable Tray

It has an extra storage space that allows you to keep your different size vegetables easily stored and arranged in the jumbo-sized vegetable tray.

Toughened Glass Shelves

The Godrej Edge Refrigerator shelves are made of toughened glass and, each shelf has the strength to hold a weight of up to 120 kg. You can stack your large utensils, pots, and pans easily.

Large Chiller Tray

Chiller tray compartments are specially given in the single-door model refrigerators as these are usually colder than the refrigerator fresh food compartment, but not as cold as the freezer frozen food compartment.

The large chiller tray in this refrigerator lets you fit in five 1 liter water bottles comfortably, giving you ample supply of chilled water.

Caution here as foods can freeze in the chiller tray, if stored for extended periods of time.

2.25 Litre Bottle Storage Space

Many of the beverage bottlers make extra large 2 litre plus bottles for your family party needs. Now you need not worry about the bottle space.

The Godrej refrigerator single door has a 2.25-litre bottle storage space which ensures that you can accommodate jumbo sized juices & all your beverages, when you have a party at home or you have your friends coming over.

Aroma Lock Feature

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and drink chilled beverages with the Aroma lock feature that allows you to lock in the delicious freshness of your food.

This Godrej refrigerator review brings out the features available in one of the best single door refrigerator in India under Rs 20000.


  • Energy-efficient – Consumes less electricity 
  • Retains freshness using Stay Cool and Aroma Lock feature
  • Jumbo Vegetable Tray
  • 2.25 Litre bottle storage space


  • Basic Design
  • No back Cover

3. LG Refrigerator Single Door 190 Ltr Review

LG Refrigerator Single Door is the ‘Chota Pack Bada Dhamaka’ amongst the small category of refrigerators.

LG 190 Ltrs (Model No GL-D201ARGY 2020 Model) is a 190 Ltrs 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator with Smart Inverter Compressor Technology.

This LG single door refrigerator was BEE rated as 5 star product in 2019 and downgraded to 4 star rating due to its updated norms. This is the reason we’ve included this here as the LG refrigerator 5 star category.

This model with its cutting-edge technology has multiple customer-centric features and really packs a punch when it comes down to its features.

Key Features and Specifications

Smart Inverter Compressor

LG has been pioneer in refrigerator Industry and has taken a lead by its New Smart Inverter Compressor technology.  The Smart Inverter compressor automatically adjusts the cooling inside the refrigerator based on the quantity of food and drinks kept inside.

If you compare it with the traditional fixed speed compressor, the Smart Inverter compressor provides unmatched performance, is more energy-efficient, helps in great savings, and has super silent operation as it reduces the noise by 25% due to less internal friction.

Smart Connect

The ‘Smart Connect’ feature in the direct cool refrigerator segment is a blessing for people who have frequent power outages or electricity cuts. This technology allows your refrigerator to directly connect to your home inverter.

Hail the Smart Connect technology which prevents your food from spoiling and keeps your food articles intact for consumption later. The refrigerator on home inverter consumes  about 9-15 Watt/hour, that roughly is power load of couple of CFLs.

Moist ‘n’ Fresh Feature

This LG 5 star refrigerator has an innovative lattice-patterned box cover that maintains the moisture in your food articles including the fruits and vegetables.

The special lattice cover captures the moisture from stored food in the refrigerator. This feature allows you to keep the food and vegetables fresh and crispier for a longer duration.

Solar Smart

You can use LG refrigerator 190 Ltr (GGL-D201ARGY) inbuilt feature of running it on the Solar Energy.

This feature is available only for those who already have the complete solar arrangement installed.

Fastest Ice Making

Among all the direct cool refrigerators, the LG Single door refrigerator makes the fastest ice, in just about 108 minutes. LG has applied many technological variables such as smart compressor, direct cool, etc. to achieve this feature in its direct cool refrigerators.

Toughened Glass Shelves

The spill-proof toughened glass shelves from LG can take loads up to 175kgs*, an amazing feature that is exclusive to LG. This load capacity is maximum in the Direct Cooling class of refrigerators in the market.

Spacious Chiller Tray

Smartly designed to accommodate a number of foods that may spoil easily or need freezing such as ice cream, meat, and ice.

Anti-Bacterial Gasket

The anti-bacterial gasket prevents the entry and build-up of bacteria and fungi inside your refrigerator.  These gaskets are not only airtight but also removable and easy to clean.

4 Star rated

This is in comparison to a typical ‘1’ star refrigerator usage that spans 10 years. LG as a company adheres to the stringent energy-star rating compliance and the current generation ‘4’ star refrigerators save almost 36% from the ones manufactured prior to 2014.

Stabilizer Free operable

The LG Refrigerator Single door (GL-B201APZX) can operate between 90V ~ 310V without a stabilizer. However, it is advisable to install a stabilizer if there are fluctuating loads in your area.

10 years Warranty on Compressor and 1 year on the product

LG Refrigerator India has a lot of trust and faith in its technology and the 10 years warranty on the Smart Linear Compressor is a testament to the same. Highly reliable and durable, the warranty of LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr (GL-B201APZX) truly gives you peace of mind.

The perfect features and design of this LG 5 star refrigerator makes it a desirable product and thus makes it to our list of the best refrigerator under 20000.

Read complete review of Whirlpool Model No WDE 205 ROY 4S INV here.


  • Smart Connect Feature
  • Fastest Ice Making
  • Moist n Fresh Feature
  • Plenty of space for food storage
  • Premium Design
  • Durable
  • Value for money


  • Smart ThinQ LG’s signature features not provided  

4. Whirlpool Refrigerator Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator Review

Whirlpool Refrigerator Single Door 190 Ltr is a Single Door refrigerator that has an innovative design with great features.

This Single Door refrigerator has a freezer at the top and a bar-handle which makes it easy to use. The refrigerator has a capacity of 190 Litre which allows you to store all your food, vegetables, etc with ease.

Key Features and Specifications

IntelliSense Inverter Technology

This Whirlpool Refrigerator Single Door is a 190 Ltrs capacity refrigerator is a wonderful piece of technology by Whirlpool. The Intellisense inverter technology lets the refrigerator to adapt to the cooling according to the internally kept vegetables, food, and other food articles.

The Intellisense Inverter technology thus helps you to reduce energy consumption and save the electricity bill. Due to its Inverter Linear Compressor Technology, it boasts of 40% faster cooling, coldest freezer, but still low on power consumption.

Advanced Insulated Capillary Technology

Whirlpool refrigerator comes with the advanced insulated capillary technology with laminar airflow.

Usually, other refrigerators have the capillaries that provide refrigerant to the freezer but it loses the cooling when exposed to the surroundings, like when the door is opened.

The Whirlpool single door refrigerator uses an advanced insulated capillary technology that surrounds the capillary with the super cold gas and the freezer then achieves the cold temperature as low as -26oC.

This technology helps the refrigerator to retain the freezer’s cooling even during power cuts for up to 9 hours. This reduces the chances of your food spoiling when the power goes out for a long time.

Auto Connect to Home Inverter

This single door refrigerator automatically connects to the home inverter for matchless performance and saves your delicious food, even during power cuts.

You can easily auto-connect to a 5 KVA inverter in case of a power outage.

Easy Manual Defrosting

Whirlpool has provided an easy defrosting mechanism that ensures hassle-free use of the refrigerator along with effective cooling.

Separate Pedestal Drawer

There is a separate pedestal drawer for keeping your fruits and vegetables in the lower drawer.

Toughened Glass Shelves

Toughened glass shelves allow you to store large, heavy utensils with ease.

Extra Spacious Bottle Storage

You can store up to three 2 Ltr bottles with ease in the extra spacious bottle storage.

Defrosting Mechanism

Easy Defrosting mechanism ensures hassle free use of the refrigerator along with effective cooling.

In built stabilizer

In built stabilizer reduces the need for extra stabilizer. It can easily function in a range of 130 to 300 V.

In the event of a power outage, it automatically connects to the home inverter, thus delivering consistent cooling and maintaining long-lasting freshness.

Quick Chill Zone

Quick Chill Zone Large Freezer with stackable ice trays ensures maximum freezer space.

Large Vegetable Crisper

Large Vegetable Crisper Extra large vegetable crisper ensures that you never run out of space.

Honey Comb Lock In Technology

Unique advanced moisture slider which helps maintain optimum moisture in your vegetables and keeps them fresh for a longer duration.


1 Year on Product and 10 Years on Compressor

This is a budget-friendly option for the best refrigerator in India under 20000 and is also an excellent single door refrigerator option for the best refrigerator under 15000 available at Amazon.

Read complete review of Whirlpool Model No WDE 205 ROY 4S INV here.


  • IntelliSense Inverter Technology
  • Advanced Insulated Capillary Technology
  • Separate Pedestal Drawer
  • Tons of features
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Value for money


  • Manual Defrost
  • Back Cover not available – all wires and tubings visible
  • Customer Support

5. Godrej 5 Star Refrigerator 190 Ltrs Single Door Refrigerator Review

Godrej is a household name in the Indian home appliance market. Their appliances are durable, budget-friendly as well as loaded with features.

Godrej Appliances has been innovating with new technologies in the Indian home appliance market and is truly a Swadesi pride. Godrej has been in the industry for a long time and manufacturing a lot of best refrigerator in India.

Features and Specifications

Godrej 190 Ltr 5 Star Refrigerator (Model RD 1905 PTDI 53 JW BL) is an Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator. This single door refrigerator comes with the Inverter compressors that are advertised by Godrej as India’s most energy-efficient refrigerator range.

Inverter Compressor

This is one of the best refrigerator under 20000 in India that is equipped with an Inverter compressor that consumes less electricity,.

These inverter compressors significantly reduce energy consumption and make the appliance quiet.

Direct Cool Technology

This refrigerator is a direct cool refrigerator in which the cooling takes place by the circulation of cool air naturally, which makes it economical.

This fridge maintains a consistent temperature which keeps the food fresher for longer.

The downside is that you experience collection of ice frost inside and around the freezer box. You need to manually defrost it.

Built In Air vents

The Godrej single door refrigerator comprises of 2 shelves with built-in air vents which ensures all-round cooling.

Energy Rating

It is 2020 BEE 5-star rated single door refrigerator that gives you energy savings up to 55% on your electricity bill.

Toughened Glass Tray

Toughened glass trays are provided in this 5 star refrigerator to keep your larger utensils easily. You can also keep pots & pans, fruits, and vegetables without worrying about breaking the tray.

With this 190 liters refrigerator, you can store all that you want, from fruits and vegetables to milk and juices, conveniently.

Base Drawer

This is one of the best single door refrigerator without a doubt offered by Godrej due to its other features and because this refrigerator has a vegetable base drawer, where you can store your vegetables that do not require cooling.


Godrej India gives a 1 year warranty on this single door refrigerator and 10 years on the compressor.

This 5 star refrigerator is suitable for people on a tight budget. It is suitable for a home with 2-3 members, and best for bachelors or small office.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best refrigerator under 20000 that is available in India.


  • Less electricity consumption 
  • Less Noise
  • Good for a small family
  • Adequate Space
  • Economical
  • Best Value for money


  • Manual defrost
  • No back cover for wires and tubings
  • Dated Refrigerator design

Which is the best Refrigerator under 20000?

Top Pick
Samsung refrigerator 5 star best single door refrigerator review

Our Top Pick

Samsung Refrigerator Single Door 5 Star 198 Ltr (RR21T2H2WCU)

Samsung Refrigerator 5 star RR21T2H2WCU 198 Ltr is undoubtedly the best single door refrigerator in India.
Samsung Refrigerator is one of the best refrigerator under 20000 which is suitable for a house with space constraints.

The refrigerator comes with loads of features, that is not matched by any other fridge in its category.

Samsung India guarantees the durability of its energy-efficient Digital Inverter Compressor for the trouble-free, longer-lasting refrigerator.

The countrywide sales network and after-sales service and support make it the most desirable in the 5 Star Single Door Refrigerator category.

This Samsung refrigerator is one of the best refrigerator in India under 20000 and makes an ideal choice for a small family, bachelors, or a small office.

Just go for it!

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