Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Lower Back Pain in India

Are you thinking about buying the best office chair for yourself? 

I am going to share the best options in the market with you that you can purchase to improve your office’s décor and look after your health.

Office chairs are an undermined yet valuable accessory that one can invest in to ensure a productive day and improved well-being. The office is one place where we spend most of our time throughout the day.

If you are in a hurry, here are the options for best office home chair for back pain relief.

While we are earning a living, we must not be compromising our health. A lot of jobs are powered by a computer and desk. As we spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer monitor on a chair, we must take care of our back. 

Without further ado, let’s discuss the latest and the best office chairs for back pain in 2021 that you can use in your office or home as most of us are working from home.

9 Best Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain

1. Kepler Brooks Italia High Back Reclining Office Chair

Kepler Brooks is a high back reclining office chair with legrest. The chair features elegant looking soft-touch breathable high-grade PU leather upholstery. The leatherette gives a premium look to this office chair.

The chair is built on a wooden internal frame with a leatherette cushioned seat that gives an ergonomic and comfortable sitting posture. The chair is overall fabricated on a light & strong nylon polymer structure that provides it sturdiness and durability.

The 55 cms seat width gives the chair an authoritative and elegant look. The double-layer seat cushion provides placement that provides a comfortable fit to your head, back, lumbar region, legs, and arms.

The chair has an adjustable lever where you can raise the chair up to 122 cm height. This office chair features the class 4 gas piston that increases its weight load capacity to 350 Kgs and it gives it five times more durability as compared to other chairs in comparison.

This office chair is designed to provide a dynamic seating capability for an ergonomic sitting that prevents strain on the muscles. It helps to maintain proper blood circulation by uniformly distributing weight on both sides.

The leatherette upholstery is less porous than leather which makes it waterproof & easy to clean. It contains no animals by-products, unlike leather. The movable armrests are also padded to give support to your forearms.

The high back gives your back, shoulders, and neck complete support so that can sit for long hours without feeling any back pain and long & comfortable working hours increases creativity and productivity.

Kepler Brooks chair has a very stable base and a 360-degree swivel comes as a standard feature. The upper portion is mounted on a stable base with 5 durable casters for strong support and easy movement.

You can further customize your seating experience and relax on this ergonomic office chair by extending the retractable footrest that hides underneath when not in use.

The product requires basic assembly that takes 10 times assembly time and comes with easy DIY assembly instructions. Besides all the features, the product comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects to give you peace of mind.

Overall, this is a highly recommended ergonomic office chair for those who experience back pain and other problems due to poor posture. A definitive ‘Buy’ on the product.


  • Comfortable ergonomic chair with leg rest
  • High back padding and lumbar support
  • Luxurious and premium looks
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Headrest and armrests padding
  • Weight load capacity of 350 Kgs
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • ‘Best of the best’ ergonomic office chair


  • Dearer to other products

2. GreenSoul® Vienna High-Back Leatherette Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

GreenSoul Vienna is a high back ergonomic premium executive office chair that features a premium leatherette finish. The company assures no animal cruelty for the leatherette finish.

This chair is a premium and comfortable executive chair with ergonomic lumbar support and it provides relaxed neck support all thanks to its ergonomic design.

The chair seat is fairly wide (21 inches) as well as comfortable due to its thick ultra-comfortable cushion. This office chair features extra padding on the seat, back and armrests for extra comfort during long working hours in the office.

This high back chair is made in India and has a solid construction with internal frame material of wood. The sturdy metal chrome base makes it look elegant and exquisite for your office.

The cushion and the cover are premium and the stitches over the seams are sturdy. The ergonomic shape of the backrest makes it really comfortable for a long time thereby preventing any back pain.

The 360 degrees swivel is smooth and the dual caster wheels make rolling over the hard surface a breeze. The ergonomic office chair has a weight load capacity of 110 Kgs and is suitable for persons of height 5.5 ft to 6.1 ft.

On arrival, only the basic assembly is required. You just need to connect the base with the seat without any tool before using the chair.

You have peace of mind as it comes with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty. It is premium and elegant looking yet a pocket-friendly chair. A definite ‘Buy’ recommendation on the chair.


  • High back Premium Chair
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Ideal for medium to tall height persons
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • Pocket friendly


  • Fixed Armrests

3. Wipro Adapt Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

Wipro bring in the future ready designs for your home offices, living rooms, or study spaces.

Wipro Adapt chair is BIFMA certified as it strikes a perfect balance between elegance and performance coupled with ergonomics for optimum working in your office or while you are working from home.

There are two models available for the chair. The medium back is the one without a headrest and the highback chair has a headrest separately. All other features except the headrest remain the same.

This ergonomic chair features an automatic weight sensing mechanism and height-adjustable armrests to give you complete comfort. The chair features a 19 inches seat width with a weight capacity of up to 120 Kgs.

The seat height is easily adjustable with the provided lever mechanism. The chair also has a 360 degrees swivel feature. The wide backrest is easily adjustable based on your requirement.

This ergonomic chair features an automatic tension adjustment control that adapts according to the user’s weight. It has two-position locking for maximum comfort

Wipro Medium Back Executive Office Chair

This ergonomic chair features premium seat material, chair mesh, armrests, and chair base with good quality caster wheels.

The cushioned adjustable lumbar support provides maximum seating comfort for long hours. It avoids backache and fatigue while sitting for long hours. It has adjustable armrests that can go up or down as per your requirement.

The chair is available in five colours – Black, Cinnamon Brown, Cool Blue, Olive Green and Rich Red.

The chair has stable caster wheels that can move easily over hard surface. The chair comes with a 1-year limited warranty against any manufacturing defects and 10-days replacement by Amazon.

The chair comes in good packaging by Amazon with all the necessary tools and assembly kit. It can be easily by yourself.

The chair seems a bit expensive but is worth buying in the long run. An excellent product for your back and improving your posture.

This is a sturdy and comfortable chair for sitting for prolonged hours. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best office chair for lower back pain available in India.


  • Ergonomic as well as stylish
  • Comfortable seat
  • Stylish to complement the decor
  • 120 Kgs weight capacity
  • Renowned Wipro brand
  • An excellent choice for improving posture


  • Armrests quality needs further improvement

4. Godrej Interio Motion High Back Executive Chair 

Godrej Interio is a furniture brand by Godrej. It provides comfortable and ergonomic chairs for your offices, living rooms, and work from home spaces.

The chairs are not only revolutionary and aesthetically pleasing but also contemporary for your modern office.

Godrej Interio ‘Motion Chair’ features the comfort and ergonomics to make you comfortable at your workplace. This Motion high back chair allows the user to adapt the right posture while seated.

The chair features maximum back support, flexibility and counter pressure, over the seating patterns. The best feature that this chair offers is that it moves according to the body requirement and adjusts itself according to the movement.

Most of us sit at least 8-10 hours per day on the chair and as per this study, sitting still for more than 30 minutes can lead to irreversible spine damage over time.

The ‘Motion Chair’ provides a breakthrough ergonomic seating solution designed to make you move. Motion features EasyFlex, a system that makes ingenious use of special engineering plastics to give Motion its extraordinary flexibility and sterling quality.

Godrej Interio Motion High Back Executive Chair

The chair allows you to decide the limit of stretching and tilting by a lever attached to it. The lever when adjusted allows you to tilt and decide the tilt limit for yourself, according to what the body requires.

This chair has seat height adjustment according to your height. The chair is fabricated using glass-filled polyamide as the primary material.

The seat is quite wide and is suitable for persons up to 100 Kgs. The chair is upholstered using the matte fabric. It features adjustable armrests for making a comfortable position for your elbows and forearms.

The chair is available in four different colour options on Amazon: Black-Black, Black-White, Blue-Black, Blue-White.

The chair features 360 degrees swivel movement for easy movement. It has sturdy caster wheels makes rolling easy on a floor or a hard surface.

The chair needs to be assembled on receipt from Amazon, that is provided by the seller or you can do it yourself in 5 minutes with the help of instructions provided with the package.

This chair makes a good choice for one of the best ergonomic chair for back pain in India.


  • Ergonomic chair
  • Comfortable cushioned seat
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Stylish as well as comfortable
  • Contemporary design
  • 100 Kgs weight capacity
  • Renowned Godrej brand
  • An excellent choice for office or home


  • Not suitable for short height persons

5. Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office Chair

This made in India office chair is one of the best selling chairs on Amazon as it is loaded with premium features at a pocket-friendly price tag.

This ergonomic chair features a breathable mesh back & a thick molded foam seat. The fabric material on this office chair provides support while also eliminating heat and moisture build-up to keep your whole body cool and comfortable.

The Green Soul chair also features a tilt mode that allows increased relaxation. The rocking mode allows increased relaxation as you can tilt the chair between 90º to 105º by using a lever. You can easily pull the lever outwards to recline and push it inwards to stop.

The chair has a fairly wide seat and can support a maximum weight of up to 90 Kgs. The height can be easily adjusted with the pneumatic control that makes it easier to raise or lower the seat based on your requirement.

The armrest are fixed and made using good quality fibre material. It features 360º swivel as a standard feature. The 50 mm caster wheels are easy rolling on any hard surface.

The chair is available in four colours – Bold Grey, Confident Maroon, Flirty Orange, Smart Black.

The packaging of the chair is excellent and requires assembly on receipt. The assembly of the chair is straight forward or you can follow the steps as given in the following video.

Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office Chair

The chair features a 1-year warranty for any manufacturing defects.


  • Comfortable chair
  • Economical chair
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Smooth swivel and wheel casters
  • Good option for Work from Home
  • Perfect for people on a tight budget


  • Average cushioning
  • Backrest needs improvement

6. Innowin® Pony Mid Back Office Chair

Innowin is a Bharat Furniture product which is a renowned name in the Indian furniture market. Bharat furniture has an ultra-modern setup and high volume production machines to ensure premium-quality furniture.

INNOWIN® Pony Mid Back Office Chair makes a good choice for home and office use. This is a basic minimalist chair with no frills. The chair is sturdy that features a sufficiently wide seat cushion for a maximum weight load capacity of 120 Kgs.

The chair has a premium quality breathable nylon mesh backrest that is durable for sweat-free comfort. This is one feature that is essential during the hot and humid season in India.

The chair features a sturdy frame for long-lasting durability thanks to the internal frame material. It is a glass-filled nylon structure with heavy mesh with a seat that molded with 45 density.

This mid back chair has lot of adjustment options with up & down adjustable arms, up down movement lumbar support, up & down height adjustment, and a heavy duty single position front lock synchro mechanism with 122 degrees tilt.

The chair features a class 3 gas lift pneumatic seat height adjustment, that makes it sturdy as well as durable for a long-lasting operation.

The base is fabricated using the glass-filled nylon for a solid base. 360 degrees swivel is a boon and the nylon 50mm caster wheels are easy rolling on any hard surface.

The chair weighs approximately 17 Kgs and it comes in a semi-assembled clean & neat packaging. You just need to connect the base with the seat without using any tools.

The chair provides a comfortable sitting posture as you can work for long hours without complaining of back pain or stiff neck.

Being a budget-friendly option with loads of premium features makes it an easy ‘Buy’ recommendation.


  • Comfortable cushion
  • Decent back support
  • Class 3 gas lift
  • Max weight capacity of 120 Kgs
  • Easy Assembly
  • Quality product
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Lumbar support could have been better
  • Basic design

7. The Chair House C83 Mid Back Mesh Fabric Office Chair

The Chair House Office C83 is a mid-back mesh fabric office chair that has a simplistic design and is available in different colour variants that can meet all your office comfort needs.

This mid-back office chair has a highly ventilated mesh back that can prevent stiff back while you are sitting on it for a long time. The soft and moderate sponge cushion allows for a comfortable sitting position for a long time.

Durable Mesh fabric upholstery makes it visually appealing and blends in easily with your office or home decor.

This is a tough office chair with back and armrest that are ergonomically designed so that you won’t feel tired even after a long period of work.

This desk chair bottom features a tension adjusting knob to provide a certain degree of tilt so that you can relax after work. The adjusting lever helps you adjust the height of the seat so that the chair can reach the height as per your requirement.

This chair can be used as a computer chair or is suitable for all other requirements. You can use it in the office or for working from home and makes it a decent overall ergonomic chair for back pain.


  • Budget option for a comfortable chair
  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Decent desk office chair
  • Lot of colour options
  • Practical office chair


  • No assembly instructions

8. AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair

The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair is a good choice for your home office or at-work space. It adds professionalism elegance to your work space with its modern profile and sophisticated appearance.

AmazonBasics office chair features a comfortable seat that is practical and has a comfortable back with smooth contours that prevents any pain to your back, and shoulders.

This desk chair comes with a lot of adjustable settings that allow for all-day comfort. The pneumatic controls let you raise or lower your seat. You can also rock back in your chair or remain firmly sit up straight but it does not recline.

This adjustable office chair helps you an ergonomically correct seated position, which is important when at your desk or in front of the computer for a longer duration.

This office desk chair has a weight capacity of 124.7 Kgs.

This is an ergonomic chair for back pain that features a control handle that you can pull out to tilt your chair back, or sit forward or you can push the control handle in to prevent it from tilting. The tilt-tension knob underneath the chair seat makes it easier or harder to rock back in your chair.

The black bonded leather upholstery is smooth, supple, which takes this chair to the next level of comfort. The upholstery covers both the padded seat of the chair, as well as its solid, square-shaped, gently contoured padded back.

The black, curved, textured nylon armrests offer added support and comfort to your arms.

The office chair swivels for multi-tasking convenience, while it’s durable dual-wheel casters allow for smooth-rolling mobility from one area of your office to another.

This office chair can be easily assembled by following the step by step instructions included with the product. 1-year limited warranty on the product makes it worthwhile without worrying about breakages.


  • Comfortable ergonomic chair
  • Black upholstery gives a premium look
  • Back, armrests and tilt function work perfectly
  • Ideal for work from home
  • Durable wheel casters
  • Good economical choice


  • Non-reclining back support
  • Uncomfortable during summers due to leather upholstery

9. DFC Rigo Executive Boss Leon Office Chair

Flamboyance Exports DFC Rigo Executive Boss Leon is a mid-back chair that can be used as a computer or as a study chair or an office Chair. The chair has an extended back that supports your back and also gives your spine and lumbar support.

DFC Rigo Executive Boss Leon Office Chair review

The chair features a unique ortho back support that is ideal for people who sit for long hours on the chair. This is a made in India product and checks a lot of correct boxes for an economical office chair choice.

The chair uses an ergonomic two-inch-thick padded heavy duty PU foam curved seat design and lumbar back support specially designed for extended sitting hours. The chair is suitable for 105 Kgs weight capacity.

This ergonomic office chair has a 3-way adjustable lumbar back with high-quality polymer net mesh. Polymer net mesh provides breath-ability to your back and enhances the overall comfort and ergonomically adjusts to your back.

The up-down height-adjustable PU padded armrest makes a comfortable position for your forearms while sitting for long hours. It has a synchronous tilting seat and back support made of 3 mm thick iron sheet.

You can easily adjust the height using the pneumatic seat height adjustment. The chair features a mirror finish chrome base that gives it an exquisite look. High-quality revolving wheels make it an easy to maneuver the chair.

The chair is very easy to assemble. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to assemble the chair by 1 person only. The instruction manual and required tools are included in the package itself. No additional tools are required for assembly. It comes with a 12-month warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Overall a good choice for an ergonomic chair for back pain.


  • 3-way adjustable lumbar support
  • Chrome finish base makes it elegant
  • Sturdy as well as comfortable
  • Easy assembly
  • Excellent customer support
  • Heavy & durable chair
  • Good economical choice for home or office


  • Poor finish of metal wheel base
  • Armrests move up & down only
Top Pick

Best Pick

Kepler Brooks Italia High Back Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair

Kepler Brooks’s chair is a premium quality office chair that enthuses confidence in the purchase.

It is a solid built and durable office chair that has a 350 Kgs load capacity.

The build and comfort are top-notch which ensures that you can sit for a whole day without any fatigue to your back or neck.

The leatherette upholstery looks premium and gives an authoritative posture.

The customer support is excellent and the company ensures that lives up to the customer’s expectations.

If you are looking for a comfortable ergonomic chair that can prevent back and neck pain, this is the chair that best suits your needs.

It can be your best companion while Working from Home.

A definite ‘Buy’.


Final Verdict

All the chairs listed above are ergonomically designed and make a good choice for your home or for your office. These chairs are designed with the paramount importance of giving comfort to your back, shoulders, and neck.

The Kepler Brooks Italia High Back Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair is an excellent all-around ergonomic chair featuring a retractable leg rest too.
Other products by Godrej and Wipro are an alternate choice for an economical ergonomic office chair.

Even if you select any of the chairs in the above list, you are not going to falter in selecting them as these are handpicked after thorough research.
These are the best ergonomic chair for back pain which are good companions for your office or while working from home.

Give comfort to your back. All the best !!

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