Best Air Purifier in India for Home, Office and Car use

The indoor air pollutants are a fact of life which makes the air purifier an essential requirement for your personal health. The increase in air pollution in New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Noida, and other cities in India bear testimony to this fact. World Health Organization (WHO) studies show that indoor air is often 10-30 times more polluted than outdoor air.

The deterioration in the Air Quality Index (AQI) raises innumerable questions on worsening of your health that can cause irreversible breathing issues and lung diseases. We help you choose the best air purifier in India with the highest standards for a clean room environment for good health and overall fitness.

Best Air Purifiers in India under Rs 10000

1. Philips Air Purifier AC1215 Review

Philips is a renowned electronic brand in the world and is a common name in the Indian market. The company is known to manufacture world-class products in the market. The Philips AC1215/20 is one such air purifier for home and is a best seller online.

The Philips Air Purifier AC1215/20 has an aerodynamic design and features an advanced VitaShield Intelligent Purification System (IPS). It is a unique, high-performance air purification technology that reduces the effect of unhealthy air in the home on you and your family. This is an excellent air purifier that has 4-stage filtration which filters 99.97% airborne pollutants..

  • The first stage Pre-Filter removes all the large airborne particles that help to increase the HEPA filter life.
  • The second stage is a double-layered Philips AC1215/20 HEPA Filter class 13 where the extra thick Nano filter provides superior purification of even the minute particles up to 0.02 microns that are 800 times smaller than PM 2.5.
  • The third stage is an activated carbon filter that removes any microscopic pollutants, formaldehyde, Total Volatile Organic Compound(TVOCs), smoke, bad odour, and toxic gases.

​The Philips 1000 series ac1215/20 Air Purifier is available in an elegant design and is ECARF certified. It fits well even in a compact room although it is suitable for a standard room of 18×12 ft with an 8 ft ceiling height. The IPS feature is proven effective against common indoor contaminants that affect human health and well-being.

The air purifier features a real-time air quality feedback where the the color ring on the dashboard provides a clear view on air quality by 4-step color, ranging from blue (good allergen and particle level) to red (bad allergen and particle level). This feature in conjunction with the Healthy Air protect feature indicates for timely replacement of the filter.

The Philips air purifier can provide purified air in just 12 minutes with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 270 m3/hour. It automatically senses the air quality to produce the most optimized filtration process. Some other useful features of the air purifier are :

  • Auto mode to detect air quality
  • Child lock protection
  • Night mode with dim lights & low sound
  • Quiet operation and cleaner nights
  • Digital and Touch UI with display
  • 3 stage fan speed indicators
  • Filters out smoke as well as bacteria and harmful microbes
  • Operates at low energy
  • No Ozone emissions
  • 2 years warranty

​The Philips AC1215/20 filter replacement can be done within 12 months. The package contains Air Purifier, Pre-Filter, HEPA filter, Philips air purifier manual. The product comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. A good buy.


  • Very easy to use
  • IPS technology removes 0.02-micron particles
  • Auto-Purification Mode
  • Night Sensing Mode ideal for bedrooms for a quiet sleep
  • Healthy Air Protect feature for filter replacement indication
  • Low noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Elegant design
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Two years warranty


  • Short wire length
  • No smartphone connectivity or dedicated app

2. Sharp Air Purifier FP-F40E-W for Homes & Offices

The Sharp Air purifier FP- F40E-W is designed in Japan and manufactured under strict quality control. The air purifier works on a dual purification mode that features Plasmacluster technology where the ions turn into water and return to the air.

The combination of three Passive filters i.e. Highest Grade H14 HEPA Filter, the Voluminous Granular Active Carbon Filter, and a Pre-Filter purifies the air with its unique 20-degree airflow to cover the entire room. The 20° Airflow helps in cleaning and purifying the air from the roof to the floor. It collects dust at lower levels of the room and decreases the static electricity in the room for more effective cleaning.

The three-stage passive filtration and one stage active filtration system comprise of pre-filter to capture coarser dust and pet danders; activated carbon filter to capture chemical fumes, toxins, and VOCs. The HEPA filter captures up to 99.95% of particulate matter larger than 0.03 micron which includes microbes, dust, pollen, and allergens. The plasmacluster technology is a unique feature that converts the ions to water and kills microbes, infectious substances, and overall freshens up the air.

The air purifier features a CADR of 240 m3/hr and is suitable for a room size of up to 250 sqft. This Sharp air purifier features haze mode, sleep mode, auto restart. The haze mode is effective for highly polluted cities in the NCR region especially Delhi. The cleaning of this air purifier is simple as its pre-filter can be removed and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush at regular intervals.

The filtration set comprising of the activated carbon filter and a HEPA filter which is to be replaced every 12 months, depending on the usage and pollution level in your city. You can easily clean the HEPA filter with a dry brush or cloth.


  • Powerful and effective air purifier
  • Easy operation
  • Plasmacluster technology removes upto 0.03-micron particles
  • Removes bad smell and odour within 15 minutes of operation
  • Low noise
  • Elegant design – High-grade ABS material
  • Sturdy and Durable


  • No numeric PM display
  • Smartphone connectivity/control not present
  • Filter life indicator is not present

3. Blue Star Air Purifier BS-AP300DAI Review

Blue Star is a well-known brand and it features in this best air purifier in India under Rs 10000 category due to its high-quality air-purifying capability that is efficient in removing the pollutants and help you breathe purified air. This is a truly superb product as you can feel the difference in the air quality as soon as you install it. The filters are highly efficient in purifying bad air and foul smell present inside the room.

This model is one of the premium models that has an inbuilt 4 stage purification system that keeps your room free of allergens and bad odours.

  • Stage 1 of this Blue Star air purifier is a high-density pre-filter that removes the coarse dust particles.
  • Stage 2 is a HEPA filter that traps the bacterias and fine dust particles of PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter.
  • Stage 3 is the active carbon filter that absorbs the VOCs, benzene, chemicals, and odour.
  • Stage 4 is Microbe DeActiv + technology that effectively deactivates bacteria, mold, pollen, etc thereby giving clean, pure, and safe air. The Microbe DeActiv + technology is a unique feature that enables deactivating the microorganisms present in the air that results in serious respiratory problems. It destroys more than 99.5% of airborne pollutants present in the indoor air.

This Blue Star air purifier has a real-time LED that senses the air quality. The LED immediately changes its colour when the air quality goes down and indicates timely cleaning or replacement of the filter with a filter clean alarm of 720 hours.

It has a turbo mode and a digital timer with settings of 1,2,4 and 8 hours of user preferred time of auto switch off. It easily covers a room area of 300 sq ft. With a powerful Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 444, it ensures higher the CADR number, the better is the air filtration. CADR indicates the volume of purified air (in cubic meters) which an air purifier produces every hour.

This air purifier has been designed with a 4 fan speed that enables you to change the fan speed as per the requirement. This is a unique feature and is not available on all the air purifiers. It has a fairly good design that allows it to be installed in any corner of the room and compliments the interior décor of your room.

The product features silent operation so you do not hear any sound at night time It is extremely silent which makes it a great choice for young children and old parents.

The product has a 2 years manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. The package comes with the air purifier and the user manual. You can consider buying this air purifier to enjoy fresh and pure air.


  • Powerful CADR
  • Cleans air very fast
  • Easy to operate
  • 4 stage air purification
  • Microbe DeActiv + technology eliminates bacteria
  • Silent operation
  • Air filter change LED indication
  • Value for money


  • Basic design
  • Customer Support in non metro cities

4. Havells Air Purifier Freshia AP-20 Review

Havells Freshia AP-20 is another excellent product from the stable of Havells India Ltd.  

Havells Air Purifier Freshia AP-20 works on 5 stage purification mode with a pre-filter, Cold Catalyst, activated carbon, antibacterial, and HEPA technology. The air purifier features True HEPA technology and a noiseless BLDC Motor that starts giving fresh air within 15 – 20 minutes.

This air purifier is equipped with an advanced HEPA air purifier that makes the indoor air safe, healthy and free of pollutants. Havells air purifier can filter P.M. 2.5 up to 0.3 micron particles with a removal efficiency of 99.18 percent. Also it has a silent mode and health plus lock with easy mobility is perfect for your home.

Havells Air Purifier HEPA Air Technology clears the hazardous pollutants from the indoor air. The HEPA technology is formulated for advanced purification efficiency and lifetime against airborne particles.

It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 180 m³/h (485 square feet) which indicates the volume of the purified air (in cubic meter) that an air purifier can produce every hour. Low CADR is suitable for small rooms and is perfect for small bedrooms and other smaller spaces. It has an AC motor and uses 40 watts of power with 3 level fan speed.

The Havells Air Purifier removes and neutralizes all household odours such as cooking smells, pet odours, smoke, and so on. This makes the air cleaner and fresher to breathe in. The safety controls like Sleep mode, Manual Timer Setting, Automatic Filter Replacement Reminder, health plus lock and an Odour Sensor helps you to efficiently control and operate the Air Purifier.

The air purifier features the air quality indicator with 3 colours as Red for poor, Orange for moderate, and Green for good.

The product has a 2 years manufacturer warranty.


  • 5 stage air purification
  • True HEPA technology
  • Silent operation in Silent Mode
  • Good Safety Features
  • Remote operation
  • Compact and portable
  • Night mode for a peaceful sleep
  • Best for small and medium rooms


  • Noisy motor
  • Low CADR

Best Car Air Purifier in India

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Philips Intelligent Purification System (IPS) technology?

The Philips Air Purifiers features the advanced VitaShield IPS technology which is a unique, high-performance air purification technology that increases the efficiency of filtration by filtering out the ultra-fine, minute particles that are almost 800 times smaller than PM 2.5. This feature is proven effective against common indoor contaminants that affect human health and well-being. It ha sthe following benefits:

  • Removes formaldehyde and other TVOC gases like toluene
  • Removes fine dust, pollen, and PM 2.5
  • Removes viruses and bacteria
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No ozone or plasma-formed species
  • Low noise and low energy consumption

What is the Sharp’s Plasmacluster Technology?

Plasmacluster ions are made from the same type of positive and negative ions that occur in nature. After purifying the air, the ions turn into water and and return to the air.

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